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About Us

Matt Zatus founded Growstats in 2009.

Matt is a programmer and quickly identified that there is a lot of people who wanted to make money online. The biggest challenge for making money on line is that you need to attract visitors to your site in order to make sales. He started to research Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization, but quickly realized that this was costly and time consuming.

He turned to the big companies and researched what they were doing to increase their traffic volume. Such companies were;

Orbitz TripAdvisor Yahoo
J Brand Jeans Cingular X10
Condenet The New York Times

He discovered that they were using a network of similar sites to their industry to post pop under ads of their site when a visitor would visit the site. They called this and we know it as Pop-under advertising.

Pop under Advertising was and is the most cost effective and quickest SEO strategy to deliver targeted traffic within a reasonable time frame to your site.

Matt was able to develop and work with a network of advertises in order to deliver targeted traffic to multiple countries and industries through the World Wide Web. He created Growstats in order to offer this as a solution to people’s website traffic problems.

Since 2009 Growstats has worked with over 3000+ customers in helping them grow their business through pop-under advertising.

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