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Whether a company is just getting its feet wet online or has a well-established Internet presence, there is always a need for more traffic. More traffic means more customers, and more customers mean greater revenue and profits. As such, many companies want to purchase traffic for their websites, and there are a great variety of companies willing to sell traffic. But not all of them let customers buy hits the right way.

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That’s what sets GrowStats apart. We are not so focused on selling unique visitors that we forget the importance of doing it the correct way. And that is very important, indeed. If websites generate traffic through dubious or underhanded means, they can suffer in the search engine rankings, annoy their customers, and cost themselves money. Below, we’ve provided a look at some of the wrong ways to generate web visitors, and then an explanation of how GrowStats customers purchase traffic instead.

Wrong Way #1: Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO involves doing things that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo discourage in order to game their algorithms and improve a site’s search engine ranking. Black hat SEO does nothing to improve a website’s design or provide users with a better experience. It is solely directed at generating more hits, and it is often deceptive and detrimental to the user. Black hat SEO can be an effective way to get cheap traffic in the short term, but eventually it will be uncovered, and search engines will de-index the offending sites.

Wrong Way #2: Non-Targeted Visitors

Some companies allow customers to buy traffic for their website that isn’t targeted to their website in any way. They may get visitors from the other side of the globe, or people who, for demographic reasons, will have absolutely no interest in their products. Such hits increase a site’s stat counter, but they do nothing for its sales or reputation. Traffic has to be targeted. Non-targeted traffic is only cheap because it’s absolutely worthless.

Wrong Way #3: Pop-Up Ads

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Some advertisers allow customers to buy pop-up ads in order to increase website traffic. These ads can display the advertiser’s site, but they do it in the most annoying manner possible. What good is spreading you company’s name if customers come to associate it with invasive, annoying ads? Customers hate pop-ups, and by using them, you only risk raising the customers’ ire.

The GrowStats Way: Pop-Under Ads

Pop-under ads are different from pop-up ads. Unlike pop-ups, they appear beneath the user’s browser window, where they will only be seen once the user finishes browsing. They aren’t intrusive, and they do nothing to disrupt a user’s experience. Pop-under ads allow you to target your advertising to very niche audiences without annoying them, using techniques that are banned by search engines, and without blowing your entire advertising budget. In fact, GrowStats’ prices to buy hits are eminently reasonable. Check them out now, and see how you can start getting hits in the right way, right away.

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