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When you work with GrowStats, there is no limit to how much traffic you can send to your site, nor to which parts of your web presence you can buy web hits for. Though many customers decide to send their traffic to their home page or to a customized web page, there are many other potential landing pages that you could choose from. If you buy hits for one of these other pages, you will also get substantial exposure for your website, and can potentially pick up followers for your blog, Twitter, or Facebook, which will then amplify your reach. For an idea of some alternative landing pages where you can send website traffic hits, see our helpful list below.

Your Company’s Facebook Page

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Sending traffic to your company’s Facebook is an excellent strategy for picking up new followers. If you buy hits for your Facebook, and then 30 thousand new people see your page, a large number of them will click “like,” substantially increasing your reach within the Facebook community. More “likes” on your page means that the items you share are displayed in more feeds, and you get additional administrative privileges that help you make the most of your page. A quick campaign to send increased traffic to your Facebook can greatly improve the power of your social media presence to promote your company and its products.

Your Blog

As with Facebook, your company blog is a promotional tool that works best when the maximum number of people see it and read it. If you buy web hits for your blog, you’ll attract new followers who will comment on your posts, submit ideas of their own, and share your blog with their friends. Soon, the reach of your blog will be greatly increased, and you’ll notice a sustained uptick in traffic both to the blog itself, and to other pages of your website that are linked on the blog. As well, promotions and other offers you publicize on the blog will fare better, because they will receive greater attention.

A Photo Album

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For companies that produce items that are visual in nature, a photo album or other gallery of work can be the best promotional tool your company has to offer. If you plan to buy hits, there may be no better place to send the additional traffic than to examples of your previous work, which will dramatically illustrate what you and your colleagues are capable of doing for customers. If you are considering creating a sales page specifically for your GrowStats campaign, consider using the galleries you already feature on your site as “sales pages” of a sort. If you add information about a special offer to the bottom of them that may be all you need to convince people to hire your company.

So when you buy hits from GrowStats, ask yourself which of your web properties will benefit most from the increased traffic? Or better yet, buy traffic for all of them!

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