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Buy Traffic for Website

When your website partners with GrowStats, you can immediately get thousands of new visitors who have never seen your site before, and who would never have known about your products or services otherwise. GrowStats allows you to buy traffic for your website and immediately experience a surge in visitors that you can use to boost sales.

However, increasing your sales numbers isn’t simply a matter of buying website traffic and then watching sales shoot up. You have to optimize your site, and especially your site’s landing page, to convert as much of the web traffic you buy as possible. To help your company do this, we have created this brief guide that explains what it takes to turn visits into sales.

Minimize Load Time

When you choose GrowStats for buying website traffic, you’ll be prompted to choose a page on your site where we should direct all visitors. This can be a currently existing page, or it can be a page you have created specifically for your GrowStats campaign. If you don’t already have a high-converting sales page, we suggest that you create one, and then take steps to make it load as fast as possible. Decrease image size, use Google Caching, and where possible, substitute HTML objects for images. When your site appears in a pop-under ad, you don’t want it slowing down the user’s computer. You also don’t want the ad loading so slowly that the user closes it without ever seeing the content. Get your load times down so that none of these technical issues arise.

Buy Traffic for Website

Use Attractive Elements

Image matters. When you buy traffic for a website, you want to send the new visitors to a page that appears professional and compelling. Anything less, and people are apt to write your site off as a scam, or simply not take any interest in it whatsoever. We advise using colorful design (not just black-and-white text), attractive fonts, and high-res pictures. Take a look at Amazon, Zappos, the Apple store, and other major online retailers, and take cues from the design techniques that they use. You shouldn’t copy their aesthetic exactly, but looking at their sites will teach you a great deal about the design you should strive for.

Include a Special Offer

You will get more new customers if you buy web traffic, and then offer the influx of visitors an interesting deal that is not normally available on your site. When a deal is only available for a short time, customers are far more likely to purchase it. Similarly, if the deal represents a meaningful discount over your normal prices, they’ll be more apt to open their purse strings. Remember that these new visitors are the seeds to even more business. Get them to buy, give them great service, and then allow their word-of-mouth advertising to spread your company’s reputation far and wide.

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