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Targeted Website Traffic FAQ

What is Targeted Website Traffic?

Targeted Traffic is our primary traffic service. The term "Targeted Traffic" refers to sending a large amount of real targeted visitors to your site using our proven direct-traffic method. You can order up to 250,000 visitors per month with GrowStats and start generating new sales, ad clicks, conversions, and sign ups on your website.

Where does your web traffic come from?

GrowStats generates millions of visitors each day from advertising networks using our non-instrusive, full-sized pop-under ads. Our advertisers place a code on their website which will display your entire website to specific visitors depending on the target niche and region that you selected your traffic to come from. We do not use any spam techniques. We do not use any bots. We do not pay people to go on your website. We only provide real unique visitors - guaranteed.

What is a full-sized pop-under?

A pop-under automatically detects the user's resolution and will open up your entire website under the page they are currently viewing in a new browser window. This method is both effective and less instrusive to the visitor and increases the chance of conversations through sales and sign-ups on your website. Our pop-unders detect the visitor's resolution and open themselves in the full screen size. This means that the visitor will be viewing your entire home page.

What if a visitor has a pop-up blocker?

If the visitor has a pop-up blocker then our tracking software will not go off. This means that visitors with pop-up blockers will not be counted at all.

Will pop-unders have any negative effect on my site?

Absolutely not! Pop-unders are less instrusive than pop-up ads and a great alternative to other advertising methods on the internet. Full-sized pop-unders are also an excellent way to expose your website to tons of new visitors. They will not have any negative effect on your search engine rankings or any other factors. You may even notice that your Alexa ranking will improve.

Is your increase website traffic completely unique?

Yes, all of the visitors that you purchase are guaranteed to be unique and originate from unique IP addresses. Our tracking software does not count the same visitor twice toward your purchased traffic.

What kind of statistics do you offer to track my campaign?

Unfortunately, Google Analytic is a chronic problem. They don't track guaranteed visitors properly or there is 20-30% difference. So please add a second counter provider to confirm the stats. Extreme tracker and are good samples of legit counter providers which properly report the traffic we serve.

Are there ways to make my campaign more effective?

Try optimizing your website to make it load faster or quickly designing a page that not only loads quickly, but makes use of things such as special offers, good color schemes, attractive design features, etc. Making use of anything that may appeal to your target audience will help make your campaign more successful.

How long will it take for me to begin receiving visitors?

Your traffic campaign will go live after ordering within 48 hours. But usually much quicker.

Organic Traffic FAQ

What is Organic Website Traffic?

Web traffic which comes from unpaid listings at search engines or directories is commonly known as "Organic Traffic." Organic Traffic can be generated or increased by submitting your web site to directories and search engines.

What kind of services do you offer to gain Organic Traffic?

GrowStats can submit your website to 30+ search engines and 25 industry-specific directories. We also provide instructions on how to gain top 10 rankings in the search engine of your choice - guaranteed. Click here to order Organic Traffic services.

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