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How Our Targeted Traffic Works

GrowStats uses a 5 step process to bring new traffic to your website. We generate millions of potential visitors per day through a network of publishers who post our full-sized pop-under ads. As a result, your full website is opened in a new browser window for the visitor. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on programs such as Google Adwords for a non-substantial number of visitors you can buy website traffic send over 2,500 real visitors to your site for less than several dollars with GrowStats. In return, your website receives a gigantic boost of visitors, your PageRank and Alexa ratings increase, and the overall value of your website grows by leaps and bounds.

Choose a web traffic campaign for your website

Go to our order page to view all of our available traffic campaigns and buy website traffic. GrowStats offers targeted traffic plans ranging from 1,000 visitors to as much as 250,000 visitors. If you are unsure of how many visitors to start off with we recommend one of our beginner campaigns of 5,000 visitors. Once you decide how many unique visitors you would like us to send to your website you can then customize your campaign to fit your website's specifications.

Customize your website traffic settings

The first question we ask for is your website URL. This is the URL that we send the traffic to. You can choose anything from your website homepage, blog, Twitter page, photo album, etc. Next, you will need to specify the country or region that the traffic will arrive from. You can choose anywhere from worldwide to specific countries such as the United States and Canada. Choose a category to target visitors by a certain niche. We offer over 100 highly-specific categories from Digital Art to Social Networking. Lastly, you can customize the length of your traffic campaign. We offer rush campaigns that will deliver all of your purchased visitors within 8 days or you can expand it so that the visitors will be delivered over an entire month. It's up to you! Go here to find out more about how you can increase website traffic.

Your campaign is activated and traffic is sent to your website

GrowStats will setup and activate your traffic campaign within 48 hours, but usually much quicker. We will provide you with a control panel where you can track your campaign live.

Watch your web traffic grow

We guarantee that you will notice an immediate increase in your traffic statistics as you watch hundreds of new unique visitors pour onto your website. You will be able to track your new traffic with third party tracking software such as extreme tracker and

Try more services to GROW your website

Did you know that GrowStats offers other great services to get visitors to your site? Try our Organic Traffic services which include search engine submission to over 30+ search engines and directories and top search engine rankings which will analyize your site and tell you exactly what you need to do to appear in the top 10 search results on Google. To get started, buy website traffic today.

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