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Have a Site to Promote? GrowStats Can Help

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If you have a site to promote, you may be wondering what's the most effective way to do so. After all, there are lots of promotional opportunities out there. You can write guest blog posts, buy paid advertisements, start a Facebook page and Twitter feed, hire SEO consultants, and try many other strategies besides. Some of these will work, and some of them won't.

But at GrowStats, we know there is only one guaranteed way to promote a site, and it's the simplest approach of all: Show your website to people. If you want people to pay for your products or services, they have to see your website. Why bother with other round-a-bout strategies that slowly entice people to your site, when GrowStats lets you promote your site to thousands of people, right away?

The Problem with Promotion

Most manuals on how to promote a website will tell you that you should write guest blogs, work on SEO, and slowly and laboriously build a following. The problem with using this approach to build a website is that most of the people who see your guest blogs, social media profiles, and other promotional efforts will never even visit your website. They will see your blog post, "like" your Facebook page, and never interact with you or your company again. At GrowStats, we think this is a waste of your time and theirs. After all, you have a great product or service to offer them. You should promote the site in ways that ensure they will actually see it.

Buying Traffic Is the Ideal Promotion

Site Promote

When you purchase traffic from GrowStats, you don't have to "hope" that people will see your site. You know that they will, because we send them directly to it. We use simple, unobtrusive "pop under" ads that display a page of your site at full size. 100 percent of the people who hear about your company through our work will actually see your site, which puts them in the perfect position to buy your products. Remember, no one buys your service through your Facebook page. You don't make any sales through guest blog p1osts. The only way to get sales is by bringing people to your website and showing them what you offer. You shouldn't accept promotional strategies that accomplish anything less than that.

What the User Sees

How do we ensure that your visitors see your page? Our pop-under ads are full-size browser windows that appear beneath the window the user currently is reading. That means they're not annoying like pop-up ads. But they also aren't "invisible" like display ads, which nobody really looks at. Web users cannot help but see our pop-under displays, and since we target people who would be interested in your site, many of those who see our ads will want your products.

Remember, to make sales, you have to show people your site. That's why the best way to promote a website is with GrowStats.

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