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How To Get Traffic

Targeted Website Traffic For Your Online Business

When it comes to growing your site's traffic, not all visitors are the same. Some of the people who arrive on your site will be interested in what you do. Others of them won't. People in the first group are likely to become customers. People in the second group are not. So why would you ever pay for traffic from people in the second group?

You wouldn't, of course. GrowStats understands this. We know that when people come to us, they don't just want to get more hits, they want to buy targeted website traffic. That's a critically important distinction, because it makes the difference between whether the influx of visitors actually increases your site's performance, or whether it just taxes your servers without giving you anything to show for it. "Targeted visitors" are the ones who make your business grow. But what, exactly, are targeted visitors, and how does GrowStats deliver them?

Carefully Selected Hits

Targeted Website Traffic

There are lots of different ways to find the viewers you really want for your website. One way, for example, would be bringing local traffic to a location-specific business. For example, a painting company in Cleveland doesn't need hits from Dallas, or from any other city besides Cleveland.

There are other ways to select relevant viewers as well. A men's website would only want males, or a small portion of females who are especially interested in men's issues. A soccer website doesn't want people who love knitting. It does want people who follow the MLS and Champions' League closely. There are many different ways to target visitors and determine whether they are relevant to your site.

Finding the People You Need

But once you decide what type of visitor you want, how does GrowStats find them and show them your page? Well, we have partnered with a huge network of other sites, and we have a good idea what sort of people read those sites. If the site is about home repair in California, then we know California homeowners are probably reading it. If the site is about whitewater rafting in West Virginia, we know that outdoor enthusiasts on the Atlantic coast are reading it.

Targeted Website Traffic

When you buy targeted website traffic from us, we determine which of our partner sites have readers that would also be interested in your page. Since we have a large network, there will probably be many sites with readers relevant to yours, and that allows us to direct a lot of hits your way, fast. Once we have chosen a number of sites that have the type of readers you want, we use them to display tasteful, unobtrusive "pop-under ads" beneath their readers' browsers.

When the readers close their windows, they will see these ads and have a chance to read over your content. Because these readers are carefully selected, there's a good chance they will be interested in what you provide. That's the beauty of buying targeted web traffic.

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