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How To Get Traffic

Drive Traffic To Your Business Website And Find Out Your Conversion Rate

As you already know, when you drive traffic to a website, you will be doing quite a few different things for the benefit of your business. You will have more chances to build your customer base. Additionally, you will watch your site move up in the search engine rankings. Driving traffic to your website is a very useful tool to see what is right with your company. It’s also a great tool to see what is wrong.

Consider the Conversion Rate

Drive Traffic To Business Website

All the viewers in the world seeing your web page each day won’t matter if they don’t turn into customers. There is something in the online business world called a conversion rate. This refers to how many viewers of your web site turn into actual customers. A low rate of conversion indicates something is wrong.

In order to run a successful business, you need a high conversion rate or you just won’t be getting enough customers.

How Driving Traffic Indicates a Problem

If you don’t currently have that much traffic to your website, then it will be very hard to get a real image of your conversion rate. You may have a high rate simply because the people who are visiting are already customers or were looking for your business specifically.

When you pay for traffic to your website, this will change. You will immediately have hundreds or thousands of web page views each day, and they will be from people who aren’t already customers. After about a week, take the time to compare a few numbers. How many hits did you have on the page? How many of those hits turned into paying customers? If you have a very low conversion rate, then you know there is a problem and you have to make some changes.

What Does a Low Conversion Rate Indicate?

Drive Traffic To Business Website

Generally, people won’t do business with a company that either:

  • Has a poorly designed website that looks unprofessional or cheap.
  • Doesn’t advertise the product or service in the most appealing way.
  • Tries to hard sell products; coming off as pushy or frustrating.

When you realize your conversion rate is low, reanalyse what you have been doing on your website. Do you need to change the design into something more appealing? Remember that first impressions matter, so you need to make a good impact the moment people see your page. Think too about how you are selling your product or services. Make changes and watch for a rise in conversion rates.

If you drive traffic to your website, everything you will gain can be extremely beneficial for your company. You can expect more customers and a higher search engine ranking. Additionally, you will be able to find anything wrong with your page so that you can make proper adjustments.

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