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Guaranteed Top 10 Listings on Google

If you follow our instructions as written in our report then your site will make it in the top 10 listings for your keyword and help increase website traffic. We have many people who will tell us that it's not possible to guarantee top 10 rankings for search engines. That is correct. However, our system has a 98% success rate. If you make all of the changes to your website as advised in the report and your website is still not in the top 10 ranking for your search term then we will refund your money, no hassle, and it's as simple as that. Please note, we do not do any editing work on your website for you. We provide all of the information that you'll need and it's your responsibiltiy to simply make those changes on your web pages yourself.


View your Top 10 Ranking Requirement Score

Our report will generate a Top 10 Ranking Requirement Score for your website for your requested keyword/keyphrase. The highest score is a 100% which is required to be in the top 10 results for a search term. As you make the provided changes to your website, you will see your score go up, along with your rankings as well as an increase in website traffic.


Detailed Optimization Report w/ Instructions

You will be sent a 30+ page report on your website that will explain everything that you should do to increase your search engines ranking and get in the top listings for a keyword of your choice on Google. Our advanced system will analyize your website and compare it to the competitors who are currently in the top 10 listings on Google for your desired keyword or keyphrase. It then looks at more than 75 different elements of your website and gives specific instructions on changes that you need to make to get your website top search engine results.


Free Follow-Up Weekly Reports For the Next 3 Months

Over the next 3 months you will receive updated reports on your website each week to see how it's improving. This means that you will receive a total of (12) reports with instructions! We assign your website a Top 10 Ranking Requirement Score and you can watch as it improves once you use our advice. You'll receive more organic traffic from improved search engine results! We can also provide updated reports at any time, just ask us!


How does it all work?

1. When you order, select a search engine that you want your website to be in the top 10 search results.

2. Enter a keyword or keyphrase goal that you would like your website to to be shown in the top 10 results for. We recommend not using a very popular and simple keyword. For example, if you have a website that sells hats, do not enter the keyword "hats." While it's not impossible to be ranked in the top results for that term, it would be VERY difficult and time consuming. Instead, use a keyphrase such as "buy hats online" which would be much easier and very possible to get your website in the top 10 search results for.

3. After your order is complete, our team then reviews your website and enters specific information into our system which will generate the report which we will then send to you.

4. Simply follow all of the instructions and advice in the report and make the required changes to your website to bring your Top 10 Ranking Requirement Score to 100%. Your website will now be featured in the top 10 results for your keyword helping to increase your website traffic.


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