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How Growstats Generates Online Website Traffic For You

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If you have ever struggled to get website traffic, you may wonder how GrowStats is able to bring you so much online website traffic so quickly. Is it a scam? Are the visitors real people? Do they actually pay attention to your website?

The answers to those questions are no, it’s not a scam, yes the visitors are real, and they will absolutely pay attention to your website. That's because we use perfectly normal methods to increase website traffic online, and never do anything that your visitors would interpret as “spam” or “underhanded.” We know that people who are tricked into visiting your website are unlikely to become customers, so we never do anything unethical or unseemly to send traffic to a website.

The Traffic Secret: Pop-Under Ads

If you spend any time on the web, then you are already familiar with pop-up ads. They are the browser windows that appear automatically over your current window, featuring nothing but an advertisement for another website or service. Many people find them disruptive, and that’s why they are a poor way to increase online website traffic.

But there’s a better approach to pop-up windows. It’s called pop-under advertising, and it’s how GrowStats sends visitors to your site. When a pop-under ad opens on someone’s computer, it appears behind the browser window they are currently using. They don’t even see it, at first. It remains hidden and unobtrusive until they close their current window, at which point they can also close the pop-under ad by simply clicking the “X.”

This keeps pop-under ads from being annoyances. They never disturb anyone’s web browsing experience. Instead, when people close their main browser tab, they see the pop-under ad, and only click on it if they are interested.

What’s in the Ad?

Web Traffic

In fact, GrowStats’ pop-under ads really aren’t ads at all. They display whatever page you want to increase website traffic to. So you don’t have to create any ad copy, or special designs for you ad. You simply choose the page you want people to see, and our pop-under ads will send website traffic to it online.

This is a totally honest and forthright way to get new visitors for your site. We simply use our pop-unders to show people your site, and they can decide whether your products or services are of interest to them. Of course, we’ll target certain people and locations to make sure you get as many interested visitors as possible. But we never do anything to “trick” customers, or give the impression your company is involved in scam advertising. We understand that while you want more traffic, it’s even more important to safeguard your company’s reputation.

Best of all, this is a low-cost, easy-to-implement method to get online website traffic right away. It is honest, it is inexpensive, and it works. So don’t waste your time and money on other traffic services that can’t deliver the same results, and might even jeopardize your company’s reputation. Go with GrowStats, and watch your website traffic grow.

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