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Has Online Website Traffic Changed

Let's head back in time to 1995. Let's say you are a business owner of that era and you needed to do some advertising. You would sit down with a marketing or advertising firm, design printed materials, purchase mailing lists or phone lists, do cold calls or send out bulk mailings, and maybe (if you had the budget) buy air time on the TV or radio. You may have even gotten in early and done online advertising or started a website. All of this activity would have to be managed and a lot of follow up was necessary. No wonder advertising firms were so busy!

Has Online Website Traffic Changed

Today, however, all of that work can be streamlined down to a few vital activities, and most of it can be done by simply buying online website traffic.

How Times Have Changed

While that may seem like a tremendous oversimplification, just consider that firms that buy online website traffic are approaching only the most targeted potential customers. They are not using any guesswork to find these viewers, and they are getting invaluable feedback as they conduct this modern marketing.

Here is what we mean :

  • When you buy online website traffic it is not just a general or generic list of people that receive your message. Instead, people who have actually searched for your precise offerings are taken directly to your sales, landing, or home page. This is not an annoying pop-up advertisement, however, but is the full-blown website of your choosing and design.
  • Targeted means that you are not wasting a single resource. Rather than guessing what keywords or terms your intended audience may or may not use to find what you sell or offer, you are creating a fail-proof pop-under that appears only when people in your chosen niche or industry, geographic area, and specific criteria search for you.
  • Because the online website traffic that you have purchased is so targeted, they should realistically accept your call to action. This means that you should get sales or conversions with each and every hit at the website. If this is not happening, you get to use the tools provided by your supplier of online website traffic to analyse where things have gone wrong. Whether it is a weakness in the sales funnel, shopping cart, or home page itself, you can identify the problems and make the changes.
Has Online Website Traffic Changed

Reasons to Get Website Traffic

What if you don't have a "sales funnel" or need to make conversions? Maybe you just have a website that is designed as an electronic advertisement for your "brick and mortar" business? That does not mean that you should ignore the need to buy traffic for the website. This is because those who do buy website traffic online increase their ratings in the search engine results with each hit or targeted visitor. Each hit to their site pushes them above their competitors, and this leads to increased sales and growth too.


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